Founded in 1968 TELIC, manufactures chrome photomask blanks and glass substrates, coated and uncoated.  TELIC was the first to manufacture chrome blanks for the semiconductor industry and today specializes in custom Photoplates, Thin Film Coatings, and Photoresist Coatings.  TELIC is a world-class supplier of products to the Semiconductor, Nanofabrication, Micro Fluidic, Optical, and Holographic Industries. TELIC is also active in providing fast-turn glass preparation, and coating services to FPD and MCM start ups.


 28478 Westinghouse Place, Valencia, CA 91355 USA

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Telic Company - 28478 Westinghouse Place - Valencia, California 91355 - P: 661.702.8603 - F: 661.257.6802 - E: