Ultra-Smooth ITO Coatings Produced by Pulsed DC Sputtering


Telic has worked closely with ITO users to develop an ultra-smooth ITO coating with very low defect densities.  This coating is produced in our custom load lock multi target inline sputtering system featuring pulsed DC power supplies, high uniformity magnetron cathodes and precision reactive gas control system.  All coating processes are monitored within situ residual gas analyzer. 

When coupled with our double side polished substrates and our photoresist coatings users can achieve sub-micron geometries.  ITO coatings can also be supplied in a multi coating stack, including ITO/Cr/Au.

      COATINGS are available with resistivity’s ranging from 15 – 2000 ohms/sq

      SIZES AVAILABLE from 1”x3” to 12”x12”.

Below are some of our standard ITO coatings.  


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