Telic is and has been a world-class supplier for 46 years of products to the Semiconductor, Nanofabrication, Micro Fluidic Chips, Optical, and Holographic Industries.

In 1968, renowned physicists John A. Thornton, David Masson and Alan S. Penfold founded Telic Company in Santa Monica, California to commercialize thin film sputtering. As a team they developed 17 patents for thin film coatings and continued to expand the technology and services. By the 1970's they began developing Telic's Legacy product line, Chrome Photo Mask Blanks for the semiconductor industry and received numerous Department of Energy contracts to develop thin film solar cells.

In 2004 Telic relocated to Santa Clarita 36 miles North of its original location in Santa Monica. The original facility was 5,000 SF with a 1,200 SF clean room, the current facility is over 17,000 SF and contains a 2,500 SF state of the art clean room. Since Telic's expansion in 2004 they have expanded their coating capabilities by adding multiple multi target inline sputtering systems.  

Telic Company takes pride in the products they produce and the dedicated team of employees. Telic is proud to say over 75% of their team has been with the company for 20 or more years and that is the key to a consistent product.

Telic Company to this day continues to provide and expand it's services to the Nanofabrication, Micro Fluidic, Optical and Holographic industries. In addition to standard photomask blanks they offer the following custom services.

Thin film coating services: Cylindrical and Planar DC & RF Magnetron Sputtered Films from 30A to 5um. Wide
Variety of Targets in stock. Versatile Tooling enables fast turn processing of wafers or glass substrates.

Photoresist Coating Services: Spin Coating of Positive & Negative photoresist and BARCs up to 50"x50" and 50um thick

Double side polishing services: from 1" dia to 31" dia (50" square). Specializing in polishing thin glass down to 0.3mm (0.012") thick.

Addition Services: Liftoff Processing, RF Etching, Substrate Cleaning Services, Custom Substrate Boxes


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