In addition to standard photomask blanks we offer custom services, below is a list of our capabilities.




Thin Film Coatings

 Cylindrical and Planar DC Magnetron Sputtered Films from 30A to 5um. Wide



 Spin Coating

 Photoresist Coating Services: Spin Coating of Positive & Negative photoresist 

 and BARCs up to 50x50 and 50um thick





 Digital Microfluidics


Wafer Processing 

 Wafer Processing



 Imaging Services



   Contract Manufacturing & Fab Services


 Double Sided Polishing


 Telic Boxes

Telic Company - 28478 Westinghouse Place - Valencia, California 91355 - P: 661.702.8603 - F: 661.257.6802 - E: